How do we investigate the the amount and variability of sources and sinks of greenhouse gases from the North Atlantic? A new video introduces the project Radiatively Active Gases from the North Atlantic Region and Climate Change (RAGNARoCC), what it hopes to achieve with the gained data and how it will help increase our knowledge and understanding of climate change.

The video was produced by Kelvin Boot at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML). It is narrated by Vas Kitidis (PML) and features interviews with Brian King of the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), Penny Holliday (NOC) was the interviewer and provided additional on-board footage from the RAGNARoCC cruise of the RRS James Clark Ross. Further material was provided by Ian Brown (PML), who was also on the cruise. The video "Introduction to the RAGNARoCC project" is available on the PML Youtube Channel and the PML Website.