Following on from the GAUGE series of podcasts, the Barometer team decided to find out what happens once the science has been handed over to policymakers. Sam Illingworth talks to Dr John Broderick from the Manchester Tyndall Centre.

The first weekly 14CO2 flask has been filled at Mace Head, Ireland. Isotope sampling over the next 24 months will help to separate anthropogenic from biospheric contributions to the atmospheric carbon dioxide variations.

In this latest episode of the Barometer, Sam Illingworth talks to Dr Matt Rigby from the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol about the role that models will have to play in the GAUGE project.

In this episode of the Barometer, Sam  catches up with Dr Hartmut Bösch, from the Earth Observation Science Group at the University of Leicester to discuss how satellites will be used during the GAUGE project.

In this episode of the Barometer, Jen Muller catches up with Dr Grant Allen, from the Centre of Atmospheric Science at the University of Manchester, to discuss the air borne aspects of the GAUGE campaign.