In this episode of the Barometer, Jen Muller catches up with Drs. Eiko Nemitz and Carole Helfter from the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology near Edinburgh, to discuss the rather novel use of a ferry for helping to quantify UK emissions during the GAUGE project.

In this episode of the Barometer, Jennifer Muller catches up with Professor Simon O'Doherty from the University of Bristol, to discuss the ground-based aspect of the GAUGE project.

Over the next few weeks Sam Illingworth and Jen Muller from The Barometer Podcast talk to some of the people behind the GAUGE project. In the first episode, Sam chats to Professor Paul Palmer from Edinburgh University about the GAUGE project as a whole.

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a potent greenhouse gas and the most important stratospheric ozone destroyer of the 21st century. The concentration of N2O in the atmosphere is growing steadily due to human influences, primarily agriculture and the use of fertilisers. Our understanding of the sources and sinks of N2O is poor, which complicates efforts to reduce anthropogenic emissions. New N2O isotope measurements at Mace Head atmospheric measurement station in Ireland will improve our understanding of N2O in the atmosphere, in particular the role of stratospheric destruction.