The report from the Stakeholder Meeting, held on the 12th March 2014 at the Royal Society in London, is now available.

38 participants from government, industry and the third sector discussed the state of the research in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Feedback Programme and requirements from stakeholders. The meeting discussed expectations and requirements that science, society, policymakers and business have towards research into GHGs. The expectations from stakeholders are summarised by the following recommendations:

  1. Communicate data and uncertainties: The relevance of GHG measurements, the level of uncertainty associated with these measurements and the meaning of these uncertainties should be widely communicated to the general public and policymakers.
  2. Evidence-based policies: Political decisions and the legal framework regulating GHG emissions should be based on scientific evidence, and they should aim to provide long-term stability for investments. The GHG programme should provide suitable evidence that is usable and accessible to businesses, policymakers and other users.
  3. Develop and support new business opportunities: Monitoring and reducing GHG emissions offers opportunities for innovative engineering and service solution, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. The scientific community should support the development of such opportunities.
  4. Continued stakeholder engagement: The GHG Programme should continue to engage with stakeholders and extend these engagement activities to other stakeholder groups that are not yet involved, in particular small businesses, the media and the public.

The full report can be downloaded as PDF (9 pages, 169kb).

The presentations are also available.