The GHG Townhall Meeting (7-8 Jan. 2015) was a community strategy meeting. While there was an opportunity for participants to present their own work, the main focus of the meeting is a set of structured discussions to bring the atmospheric, oceanographic and terrestrial communities together and identify concrete research gaps and priorities for the future, based on participants' experience and ideas.

The activities and discussions were designed to collect and prepare material as a basis for concept notes for submission to SPAG and other relevant funding and research policy institutions; the outcomes of the discussions are documented in a separate report.


  • Grant Allen: Aircraft and landfill measurements during GAUGE so far - 2014 (PDF, 7.0Mb)
  • Dorothee Bakker: Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (PDF, 0.8Mb)
  • Hartmut Bösch: Developing and exploiting of remote sensing and in-situ instrumentation for GHG observations (PDF, 0.8Mb)
  • Pete Brown: National Oceanography Centre science highlights (PDF, 2.1Mb)
  • John Dyke: Current interests of the Southampton Electronics Structure Group (PDF, 0.3Mb)
  • Dave Lowry: UK measurements of greenhouse gases by GGLES and RHUL (PDF, 2.8Mb)
  • Toim Minshull: Methane from dissociation of marine hydrates (PDF, 0.5Mb)
  • Eiko Nemitz: Long-term measurements at Auchencorth Moss peatland: controls of interannual differences in NEE (PDF, 0.9Mb)
  • Euan Nisbet: Royal Holloway Greenhouse Gas group (PDF, 2.9Mb)
  • Andy Rees: Plymouth Marine Laboratory science highlights (PDF, 0.4Mb)
  • Bob Rees: Inventory Improvement Programme (PDF, 0.7Mb)
  • Keith Shine: Characterizing the importance of greenhouse gases (PDF, 0.5Mb)
  • Jamie Shutler: EU Copernicus programme: an opportunity for the greenhouse gas research community (PDF, 2.9Mb)
  • James Stockdale: Automated Greenhouse gas flux measurements (PPTX, 3.4Mb)