The GHG Emissions and Feedback Programme is organising Joint GHG Meeting in Edinburgh on Monday to Wednesday, 2-4 November 2015, in Edinburgh. It combines the annual internal project meetings with an open inclusive session to connect with the wider GHG community.

On Monday and Tuesday (2-3 Nov.), the three individual projects (RAGNARoCC, GREENHOUSE and GAUGE) have their own annual meeting in the same venue, with opportunities for cross-project interaction. Wednesday, 4 Nov., will be an outward-facing joint session, organised by the three projects together. It is open to every researcher interested in greenhouse gases and not restricted to members of the GHG Emissions and Feedback Programme. On Thursday, 5 Nov., the UK ICOS community will hold a meeting in Edinburgh; it is organised separately but we expect colleagues to be interested in both meetings.

More information is available on the meeting page.