Work from the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Feedback Programme will be presented at the AGU Fall Meeting, 14-18 Dec. 2015. in San Francisco.

The following abstracts have been submitted (we will add more detailed information about times and locations once they become available from AGU):

  • Paul I. Palmer, et al: Quantifying UK emissions of carbon dioxide using an integrative measurement strategy
  • J.R. Pitt, et al: The development and evaluation of airborne in situ N2O and CH4 sampling using a Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectrometer (QCLAS)
  • Matt Rigby, Mark Lunt, Anita Ganesan, Alistair Manning, Simon O’Doherty, Ann Stavert, Grant Allen, Neil Harris, Eiko Nemitz, Carole Helfter, Hartmut Boesch, Paul Palmer: By land, sea and air (and space): Verifying UK methane emissions at a range of scales by integrating multiple measurement platforms
  • Matt Rigby, Angelina Wenger, Simon O’Doherty, Mark Lunt, Anita Ganesan, Alistair Manning: Inferring global and regional methane sources and sinks using isotopic observations and atmospheric chemical transport models