King, B. A., Holliday, N. P. (2015):
The 2015 RAGNARRoC, OSNAP AND Extended Ellett Line cruise report - RRS James Clark Ross Cruise 302, 06 Jun-21 Jul 2014

National Oceanography Centre Cruise Report No. 35. National Oceanography Centre.


Cruise JR302 was an NERC-NC funded cruise aiming to complete a full CTD section across the subpolar gyre, from Canada to Greenland to Scotland. The CTD section was located along the OSNAP track, providing a high quality and high resolution synoptic survey for the start of that programme. The objectives included a full suite of biogeochemistry measurements under the RAGNARRoC programmes.

Finally, the eastern part of the section included the 2014 occupation of the Extended Ellett Line between Scotland and Iceland. Additional sections were made around the Cape Farewell region with the objective of measuring transport and the movement of water away from the boundary currents.

Additional objectives included deploying eight Met Office Argo floats, and recovering one SAMS glider. Two new instruments were trialled by deploying them on the CTD frame; the
IMP and RBR.

All objectives were successfully completed.

Full text: NERC Open Research Archive (NORA)